Catch us outside

Whether it’s mountains, oceans, desserts, tundras, rainforests or the booming streets of New York City, we thrive to learn in every ecosystem. Stay tuned in, and come hangout with us IRL.



Feb. 23. 2019

Enjoy a night of conclusions. You will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding on how your body best likes to be fueled. Learn how to re-wild yourself and eat like your ancestors. We will go over all my favorite spots to pick up your local, organic, and seasonal produce in the city.


Fungi Focued - Memorial day weekender

May 27-29. 2019

Join us for all things fungi! Learn all about identification! Get familiar with our native plants& fungi. Run around one of Central PA’s biggest state parks.

Take your citizen scientist skills to the next level by helping us submit samples of what we find for DNA analysis!